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If you’ve owned yachts you know them to be a complex vehicle with many moving parts. A yacht that was once a show piece, designed for pure pleasure, may suffer any number of setbacks in one of the toughest environments for boating: the Florida salt and sun beating on it 365 days a year. We provide 1% to 100% of all your yacht service and repair needs for Captains, Brokers, Manufactures and vessel Owners:

Rules to Stick to for Underwater Hull Cleaning and Maintenance

To maintain your bottom paint’s performance and to stretch the time between haul-outs for applying new bottom painting, regular cleaning of your boat’s hull should be performed on a monthly basis. You will also benefit with better fuel efficiency when your hull bottom is kept smooth and clean. All things considered, it’s easy to see how regular hull cleanings can save you a significant amount of money over the course of time.

Best Practices for Underwater Hull Cleaning and Maintenance


Sometimes all your yacht needs to restore its splendor is a little attention to detail. When we detail a boat, no stone is left unturned and our completeness is easily recognizable in the quality job we do. Read More

Haul Out and Dry Dock Services

Like any yacht service business, we’re able to address one of the most crucial aspects of your boat through our dry dock services: the hull and keel. What sets us apart is our attention to detail: treating your yacht’s underside properly so that salt and other corrosive substances don’t give you a headache later. Our facilities are fully equipped for dry dock procedures and optimized to get you back into the water faster. Read More

Mechanical / Engines / Generators

The mechanics of your yacht are far too important to be ignored. Our mechanical, engine and generator services are focused on maintaining these crucial systems for the long haul. We’ll explore every inch of your motor systems to find problems before they create more and repair them to the highest standard of quality.

Electrical Engineering & Repairs

A yacht functions only as well as the sum of its parts, many of them being electrical in nature. Electrical problems are among the most serious in nature for a boat owner, which is why we take great care to resolve these issues fully and completely the first time. We realize not every boat owner understands the magnitude of these problems, which is why we thoroughly explain electrical engineering issues after we fix them.

Electronics outfitting & repair

Like any technology, boating electronics become old news fast. Yacht owners who want to stay at the height of modernity choose us to install and repair their electronics equipment because we realize the value in your electronics and know how to best service them.


The plumbing associated with your yacht represents a vital system that will detract from the allure of your vessel if not properly maintained. Flushing your plumbing, repairing fissures and installing new parts is an area that we’re extremely versed in. Like any service that we perform, plumbing is done to the highest quality standards so that once it’s taken care of, you and your bank account can rest easy.


The hydraulic pump and other hydraulic systems on your yacht are among the most costly expenditures that require maintenance, so why accept anything but the highest level of completeness when having these systems serviced? Our team understands how your hydraulic subsystems function in relation to the rest of your boat, allowing us to service them without affecting other aspects of your vessel.

Refinishing / Painting / Fiberglass / Gelcoat

Wear and tear from the harsh Florida climate can take its toll on your paint job, as well as the fiberglass composition of your yacht. We offer a variety of painting, refinishing and gelcoating services geared towards reversing this damage and refining the prestigious allure of your yacht.

Welding Steel & Aluminum

Accidents, modifications and even frequent use could require you to replace steel and aluminum parts of your yacht. We’re highly skilled in custom welding and can craft steel and aluminum pieces to specifically fit your unique needs.

Air conditioning & refrigeration

Basking in relaxing sunrays on your yacht is paralleled only by the feeling that you get from below deck air conditioning and cooling. If your air and refrigeration systems aren’t working properly, we’ll make sure that they get specific attention and are modified to work flawlessly.

Carpentry, teak decks & varnish

A yacht’s beauty is complemented heavily by the condition of its decks. Whether you’ve got a carpeted layout, teak deck or varnished surface, we’re experienced in restoring its luster to a level that will surely impress your guests. Our treatments have been tried true and won’t damage any surfaces of your yacht.

Captain & Crew Services

Having a watchful eye on deck is never a bad idea, especially if you’re an owner that isn’t going to sail year-round. We offer experienced captain and crewmember services so that you can have peace of mind about your vessel 365 days a year. Instead of employing a captain and crew full time, save money and invest smartly in our expert services.

Canvas & Upholstery

Yacht aesthetics are the pinnacle of importance in many owners’ eyes. Having upholstery and canvas that reflects style, sophistication and class is not only an idea that we understand, it’s one we exhibit in all of our upholstering jobs. Let us transform and uplift your boat’s style to a new level of excellence.

Fuel polishing & Tank Cleaning

Yacht owners frequently overlook fuel systems when it comes to maintenance because they’re not readily visible systems. But, just because you can’t see a problem, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We take regular care of fuel polishing and tank cleaning to ensure that these vital components never become problematic for owners.


Yachts require constant maintenance. Responsible yacht owners choose us because we understand each and every moving part within your vessel in a way that allows us to best manage and maintain it. By applying unparalleled knowledge and skill to every maintenance job, we get the job done right the first time, quickly and at a competitive price.

Survey & Inspections

From top to bottom and every inch in between, our stellar service model ensures that your yacht is preened, pampered and inspected to perfection. If we find something that isn’t right, we’ll get it fixed fast. Our inspections ensure that all systems are good to go and that when your boat casts off, it does so in the best condition possible.

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