The Benefits of Buying Used Yachts in Fort Lauderdale

The Benefits of Buying Used Yachts in Fort Lauderdale

Prospective yacht buyers in Fort Lauderdale always face the same dilemma—should you buy a new or used yacht? Clearly buying a new yacht has its advantages, but in this economy buying used can both save money and result in a more personalized product.

Yachts, or any boat for that matter, are sometimes equated with holes in the water that only money sinks into. Buying a new yacht can give you the peace-of-mind that your new toy is in brand new condition, less likely to break, and is the most current model, therefore it has the best technology and won’t be seen as yesterday’s news anytime soon. Further, if you buy during certain times of the year, you might even get a pretty good deal.

While an ideal scenario, buying new might not live up to all of these expectations. Even a new yacht is subject to mechanical problems and becoming dated. As a committed yacht owner, you know that it’s not always how new, but really it’s how well maintained that determines the mechanical reliability of your yacht. Further, a new model this year almost always will be last season’s best within just a short time, so that top-dollar price to have the state-of-the-art yacht might leave you wishing you had waited a year. But what if you get a good deal? Even still, it’s important to remember that buying new will always be more expensive than buying used.

If you buy a used yacht your new investment won’t immediately decline in value, it’s already used, right? With some used yachts coming with limited warranties, you can even have some of that new yacht peace-of-mind too. Be a smart buyer though: educate yourself first or talk to yacht management companies or a yacht mechanic in Fort Lauderdale for expert advice. Find out what things to ask, what to be on the lookout for, and all the other details that can sometimes be overlooked. This extra effort can really pay off, especially when you save money right away. And, maybe with some additional haggling, you can get yourself a great deal.

The real added benefits of buying used aren’t just in the cost. You’ve waited this long to own a yacht, so a little added patience can now pay off in dividends. Take your used yacht to a yacht mechanic in Fort Lauderdale, like Starboard Yacht Group LLC, who can give you advice and with the money you saved, make the yacht your own personal dream boat!

Fort Lauderdale yacht management companies often specialize in yacht painting, detailing, and updating. Have their experts give your yacht the custom paint job a new yacht would have been lacking. If they detail the inside and outside of the yacht, no one in Fort Lauderdale will suspect your yacht is used anyway, and even if they do, you can brag that you saved money and ended up with a more personalized and stylish yacht than had you bought new. With a little extra work and patience, you can have the reliable and custom yacht you’ve always wanted.