The Most Enjoyable Snacks to Bring Out on the Water

The Most Enjoyable Snacks to Bring Out on the Water

If you’re planning on hitting the water and boating for a day, it’s important to always consider the essentials: like what you should be bringing for food and drink! In the excitement of getting ready for a day spent sailing, it’s easy to overlook eating and drinking—most people just throw a few snacks in a bag before stepping onto the dock and don’t think much more of it.

Staying properly nourished and hydrated when you’re out on the water is very important and something you should always consider. It’s not hard, either! Taking the time to pack some healthy snacks and drinks takes only a few minutes and you’re certain to enjoy them later on in the day, when feelings of hunger and thirst inevitably start to creep up on you.

Take a look at some of the things you should pack the next time you’re headed for a day out on the ocean and why these things are so ideal:

  • Water: Water is far and away the best thing you can bring with you on an all-day boating trip. Your body needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, which is something that becomes even more important under the scorching sun of a hot, summer day. To keep you from things like heat stroke or dehydration, make sure you’re packing a good amount of water—at least four water bottles per person on your yacht. And remember to drink it!
  • Fruit: Fruit is a perfect food to bring on your day trip. Not only does it give you something sweet and succulent to munch on, fruit is another good source of water for the body and will help keep you hydrated alongside water. The natural sugars in fruit will also provide energy for your body, which will help offset some of the energy the sun is sure to zap out of you. Plus, what’s more refreshing than a nice fruit salad on a hot summer day?
  • Cold cut sandwiches: Cold cuts can easily be packed into a cooler and stowed in the shade to provide you with a refreshing and hearty lunch mid-day. You’ll get plenty of protein from the meat and carbs from the bread, which will keep you alert and active through the rest of the trip. The last thing you want is to crash and feel sick of hunger—a nice big cold cut sandwich will make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Bite-sized snacks: Another great option to pack for your day on the water is a variety of bite-sized snacks. Little bags of trail mix, pretzels, cookies or nuts are all great for snacking on all day long and can give you a quick boost of energy. Best of all, bite sized items will usually keep all day without taking up room in your cooler.

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