Things to Check with Your Boat’s Bonding System

Things to Check with Your Boat’s Bonding System

Boat owners must familiarize themselves with a variety of systems, maintenance items and safety concerns to properly operate their vessel. If you’re a boat owner, you probably know how to drive a boat, clean a boat and fuel up a boat. But do you know about zinc bonding in Fort Lauderdale, FL? What about sacrificial anodes in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

While many boat owners know about engine speeds and boat styles, fewer know about their boat’s bonding system. Following is an overview so you can educate yourself about this system and know how to check it as part of your regular boat maintenance.

What is a bonding system?

Boat bonding systems are a network of electrically connected metallic parts and components. They provide a path for ground-fault currents, prevent touch-voltages on metal surfaces and provide a path for stray currents.

What parts need to be bonded?

A good rule of thumb is that all metals that touch the water should be bonded. Additionally, all metal objects and equipment should be grounded.

What is the difference between bonding and grounding?

While bonding is an interconnection of parts, grounding is a single point of electrical connection. It links the boat and the earth to provide a path for static charge and lightning discharge, as well as reducing RF interference and offering voltage stabilization.

Why is a bonding system important?

In addition to providing electrical safety, bonding systems will help protect the wooden structure of the boat. Small amounts of current that pass through wood can damage it over time. The biggest concern, however, is safety. A bonding system is crucial, since boat owners will be placing metal and electrical parts in the water. To protect everyone involved, a good bonding system is necessary.

What are sacrificial anodes in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

These are highly active metals that are used in bonding systems. They are used to prevent corrosion on boat parts. Sacrificial anodes in Fort Lauderdale, FL are made from metal alloys that are applied to metals, which have fewer negative electrochemical properties than the sacrificial anodes. The result is protection for your boat.

Do I need to check my boat’s bonding system?

As with any part of your boat’s operation, it’s important to properly maintain your boat’s bonding system. It’s best to partner with boating professionals to perform regular inspections of your system and make repairs as needed while they are small. This expert intervention will help keep your boat in top condition.

Who should I contact about my boat’s bonding system?

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