Tips for Caring for Your Yacht’s Canvas and Upholstery

Tips for Caring for Your Yacht’s Canvas and Upholstery

Nothing beats being out on the open water on a beautiful day in a clean, well-maintained boat. There are plenty of suggestions out there on how to care for boat canvas, or how to care for boat upholstery, but what about things to avoid? Here are some things to remember not to do when considering how to care for boat upholstery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Don’t forget to wipe the seats

Of course you want to keep your vessel looking great inside and out, but remember that it’s not just the elements that can cause deterioration over time. You’ve also got to be aware of the human touch—literally. When you’re out on the water and being safe by applying suntan lotion, remember to put down a towel before sunbathing on that comfy cushion. If that doesn’t happen, or even if everyone is vigilant about doing so, it’s a good idea to wipe down the seats with a soft cloth and water after you get back to port. Dirt will accumulate especially heavily on any leftover grease or oil, so pay extra attention to popular lounging locations.

Don’t let the sun ruin your upholstery

Even the most scrupulous cleaning can’t protect against the effects of UV radiation from the sun. Yes, it’s true that marine vinyl is typically made to withstand these effects, but even with those existing UV protectants, the vinyl will degrade over time. Using a marine UV protectant spray can keep your seats looking like new for longer and extend the overall lifespan.

Don’t leave it uncovered

One of the most basic ways to care for your boat upholstery is to make sure to cover it when not in use. This will protect it from the elements like sun, wind, and rain that can wreak havoc on vinyl upholstery. You should also consider how to store your boat during the winter months, as freezing temperatures—and the freeze/thaw cycles—can be damaging even if your boat is protected from direct contact under a cover.

Don’t stand on your cushions in cold weather

Did you know that vinyl hardens in freezing temperatures? When this happens, the material is more brittle and more easily prone to cracking. When you step on the seats, your weight is focused in a smaller space, putting more pressure in that smaller area. In freezing temperatures, the vinyl is more likely to develop cracks under that pressure, so try to avoid standing on the cushions as much as possible in cold weather.

Don’t use harmful cleaners

Just because it’s a vehicle doesn’t mean you can use automotive products on your upholstery. Avoid these as well as household cleaners like bleach, or silicone-based products, which can be harmful to vinyl. Keep it simple and use a mild dish soap mixed with water. Be gentle with your boat and be sure to use a soft cloth or towel in lieu of a hard bristle brush.

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