Tips on Keeping Your Yacht as Dry as Possible When Storing in the Water

Tips on Keeping Your Yacht as Dry as Possible When Storing in the Water

Boat owners enjoy several benefits from docking their vessels year-round, including skipping the rack storage fees and protection against freeze damage. The real challenge is keeping your boat dry when storing it. As soon as temperatures begin to drop, boat owners in Fort Lauderdale, FL should consider the following best ways to keep their boats dry when storing them in water.

Apply shrink wrap for a watertight seal

The biggest risk associated with storing boats on the water is condensation and mold growth inside the cabin. Constant exposure to the elements means there’s always a chance moisture will find its way into major components like the engine or plumbing system. Shrink wrap will seal out the rain and surf all winter long. Reach out to a boat maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale, FL for help applying the shrink wrap.

As effective as it can be, the only problem with shrink wrap is that moisture gets trapped inside. This material offers zero breathability, meaning water can’t get in but also can’t get out. Before applying the shrink wrap, make sure the boat’s interior is completely dry. Experts recommend installing a zipper door in the shrink wrap so you can apply chlorine dioxide every few months.

Install vents to stop mold growth

People who shrink wrap their boats are advised to install a ventilation system as well. Boats that are stored on water are most at risk for accumulating mold while out of commission. Vents keep your boat dry when storing it on the water because they continuously filter out excess moisture.

Shrink wrap vents are available for as little as five dollars and have a relatively simple installation process. Different types of vents exist for all other boat covers and are considered a necessity for keeping your boat dry when storing it on the water. A local boat repair company in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you pick out the ventilation system that’s a good fit for your boat.

Prevent rain accumulation with a frame

Another effective way to keep boats dry when storing them in water is to build an A-frame. Snow is a rarity down here in Florida, but your vessel still lies in the direct path of torrential rain storms. Cover materials that sit flat across the boat will lead to puddles of standing water and increase the risk of mold growth.

A-frames encourage rain to roll off the tarp and into the surrounding body of water. Do-it-yourselfers can build a simple A-frame with plywood and saw horse brackets. Put this frame in the center of your boat, cover with a tarp and securely latch down the edges. While this doesn’t provide a watertight seal, it’s better than letting months of rainwater sit on your boat.

Proper boat maintenance is essential for avoiding costly repairs down the line. Owners who are storing their boats on water for the first time need guidance so mold doesn’t secretly fester while they’re away for the season. The boat experts at Starboard Yacht Group LLC implement the best ways to keep boats dry when storing them in water so you’re ready to set sail come spring. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.