Top Seven Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying a Yacht

Top Seven Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying a Yacht

Owning a yacht can be a joyful experience, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. If you’re considering buying a yacht, it’s important to understand what is involved. Whether you partner with a company for yacht management in Fort Lauderdale, FL or handle it all on your own, a few key questions will help you enter yacht ownership on much better footing. As you start the process of buying a yacht, ask yourself the following:

What kind of boating do I want to do?

The answer to this question will help determine what type of yacht you should buy. Do you want to do long-distance sailing, coastal sailing, island hopping or deep-sea fishing? Do you plan to live aboard? How much time you plan to spend on the yacht affects how big the vessel should be, and the activities you plan to do affect the style the ship should be.

Do I want sail or power?

Once you know what you want to do with your yacht, you can answer this question. Sailing is not for everyone, and most choose a motor yacht. However, if laid-back cruising and the experience of sailing is your desire, be sure to look into a sail-powered yacht.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes—it is wise to charter a yacht before you decide to buy that particular design. Try it out for a few days, not a few hours. Listen to the noises on board. Try out all the toys. When you arrange the charter, find out if the fee can go toward the purchase price if you decide to buy.

What about a crew?

You’ll need help maintaining your yacht. Yacht management in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a great place to find qualified crew for your ship. Look for crew you feel comfortable with, as well as those who are well qualified. Keep in mind the added expense of the crew as you budget for your yachting purchase.

Do I have a parking space?

If you don’t have waterfront access at your residence, consider what slips are available. It’s important to arrange a place to keep your yacht before you buy it. Research marinas and ensure you have a place to park your yacht. Keep in mind, you’ll have a lot of competition for space in the Mediterranean during summer and in the winter in the Caribbean.

Do I want to charter my yacht?

If you won’t be using your yacht for personal voyages year-round, you might consider chartering your yacht. Keep in mind, this typically can’t be done for profit. Only go this route if you want to offset costs. You’ll likely only make enough to pay some expenses.

Who Should I Contact About Yacht Management in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Have you decided to make the significant investment of yacht ownership? If so, don’t launch alone. Partner with professional yacht management in Fort Lauderdale, FL to make your purchase, maintenance and enjoyment of your vessel smooth sailing through and through. Contact the yachting professionals at Starboard Yacht Group LLC today.