Turn an Expected Downside to an Unexpected Upgrade

Imagine if the best possible space for a Seakeeper is in the precise place where an ice chipper rests. To complicate things more, the only possible place to move the ice chipper is in the newly redesigned engine room—a place of beauty in which an unattractive ice chipper has no business. Seemingly, such a move would destroy the aesthetic that so many worked so hard to create and could never be justified in the eyes of the boat owner.

But our diverse team consists of more than engineers and mechanics; it includes designers, carpenters and more—all of whom are masters of their crafts. And so rather than reshuffle the equipment without regard for appearances, we took a more comprehensive approach, and looked at more than the task at hand—with the owner’s particular priorities in mind.

Using a broad range of additional materials and specialty skills, our team transformed the look of the ice chipper to unquestionably enhance the engine room with a clean, cool, industrial feel. Because with Starboard, style and stability will always be possible—no upgrade will ever result in any sort of downgrade—and we’ll always seek out new, unexpected ways to make your vessel better than ever.