What Does Routine Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL Entail?

What Does Routine Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL Entail?

Your car needs regular oil changes. Your teeth need regular brushing. Your house needs regular cleaning. What about yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL? What are the necessary steps to keep your vessel in top shape? This, too, needs regular attention.

To properly maintain your yacht, you must complete several key tasks on a regular basis. Use the following checklist to ensure your yacht is always ready for the next voyage and enjoys a long, healthy lifespan.


One of the most important things you can do to keep your yacht in great shape is clean it after each use. A thorough cleaning will prevent corrosion and damage to your boat. Keep in mind that saltwater can eat away at engine parts, chrome and coatings. A cleansing scrub-down of your boat after each journey into the corrosive waters will protect these parts and extend the life of the boat.

Use a sturdy cleaning brush that is strong enough to remove any residue on the boat. For soap, choose a brand that is designed for marine applications, avoiding highly concentrated soaps. Many environmentally-friendly options are now available on the market. If needed, you may also try power washing methods, but be careful with these as they may be too forceful and cause damage to your yacht. Typically, hand methods work best and are effective at removing the debris and saltwater from the vessel.


Just as your car needs regular oil changes, so does your yacht. This is an important part of yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as it keeps the engine running smoothly and reliably. If the oil is not changed regularly, the performance of the engine suffers and it will need more frequent repairs or replacement. Make it a habit to change the oil in your yacht after every 100 hours of use.

The process for changing the oil varies depending on the type of boat. You’ll probably need to have the boat running before you start this process. Consult your boat owner’s manual for instructions specific to your yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


As you journey through the waters, it’s easy to encounter debris, both natural and man-made. These run-ins can cause damage to your propeller. If any of the blades suffer damage, your boat’s performance and speed will be affected.

Inspect your blades after each use. If you discover any damage, you may be able to file away small dings. However, you should seek off professionals who specialize in yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL for larger repairs and rebalancing. You want to make sure the propellers are in top shape before you take your boat out on the water again.

Keep Your Yacht in Top Form

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