What it Takes to Make a Seakeeper Fit

Just because there’s no obvious space doesn’t actually mean there’s no space. Just because compromise isn’t easily avoidable doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it fits best. And just because something is typically done a certain way doesn’t mean there’s no better way for you. Installers need to think outside the box to fit a Seakeeper inside a boat.

The instructions don’t tell us how to make space when there’s none in sight, eliminate unjustifiable tradeoffs, or accommodate the unique needs of every yacht owner we service. But we employ forward thinkers, knowledge seekers, and creative problem solvers— to always add more to your boat, and never take away from it.

Instructions You Won’t Find in Any Guide:

  • Know more than the manual.
  • See the unseen issues.
  • Apply creative problem solving.
  • Turn downsides to upgrades.
  • Seek more expertise regardless of your expertise.
  • Always leave the boat better than new.

“When we first approach these jobs, we don’t know exactly where they’re going to take us, but we do know that we’re going to use all of our experience and expertise to get the job done on a level of fit, finish, and quality that is on par with or better than new.”

—Jake Stratmann