What’s Going on Inside? The Top Interior Yacht Design Trends of 2014

What’s Going on Inside? The Top Interior Yacht Design Trends of 2014

A yacht is a status symbol—it’s iconic of your wealth, your taste, your hobbies and even power. But, despite a yacht in and of itself being something of a symbol for all of these things, a yacht that’s not up to date or in tune with the latest trends is going to project the idea that you’re out of touch with the styles of today.

Just like walking into a home that’s still adorned with tacky 1970s wallpaper and shag carpeting might turn you off to its appearance, even if it’s an exceptional home, so will the interior of a yacht that’s not on point with today’s styles. So, in an effort to help you keep in line with basic interior yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the concepts that are popular today, we’ve put together a list of popular trends that you can get on board with.


Gone are the days of beige carpeting and flowing draperies—the modern style is all about natural appeal! What does this mean? Well, it starts with hardwood floors, accented by earth tones in the upholstery and modular blinds that bring a minimalistic appeal to your cabin.

Wood showcases a sophisticated finesse on the floor, while tastefully pairing a complementary color in the upholstery makes the entire design element of your yacht’s interior seem more cosmopolitan. Adding the modular blinds or something similar in nature rounds out the atmosphere by keeping it simple.

The benefit to these materials for your yacht’s interior isn’t solely about keeping up with design trends, either! These materials are easy to clean, simple to maintain and can actually increase some of the value of your yacht.

Layout and design

One of the benefits of a yacht’s interior is that it can easily be furnished and arranged as you see fit. Gone are the days of cramming as many amenities as you could into a cramped space—today, it’s all about giving yourself some room to breathe or host in.

Try to keep your layout very minimal, yet still welcoming and comfortable. This means going for less “in your face” luxury, such as having furniture make up the majority of the cabin, and opting more for versatility, such as stowed barstools that can be retrieved when needed or chairs that can be easily repositioned around a table for a friendly poker game or cocktails.

When you think about the layout of your yacht, you should observe the 10/30/60 rule, which devotes 10 percent of your space to affixed things that cannot be moved, 30 percent of your space left to be unhampered and free for accessibility, with the remaining 60 percent of your space occupied by your furniture and other items.

The trends of today

The trend for yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL today, in regards to interiors, boils down to luxury in a minimalistic, modern way. A clean-cut look, sophisticated materials and versatility reign supreme on modern yachts—does your yacht currently reflect these trends? If not, consider having an interior designer take a stab at it, to bring you back up to par with the latest and greatest!