What’s the Fastest Yacht in the World?

What’s the Fastest Yacht in the World?

Whether you own a yacht or want to own one, perhaps you’ve wondered about the features and possibilities presented by some of the world’s most notable yachts. As a provider of yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Starboard Yacht Group LLC has some information to share with you!

Yacht basics

In general, yachts are defined as monohulls—boats with a single hull. And although there are some exceptions, this boat category does not include trimarans or catamarans, as they are larger, with multiple pontoons. Some yachts are powered by an engine, while others, like sailing yachts, are powered by the wind or by diesel engines. There are also cruising yachts and racing yachts.

The average yacht is made for recreational boaters, sailors and casual weekend racers. This modest yacht ranges from 40 to 100 feet in length. On the other hand, a luxury yacht is often on a grander scale (100 to 200 feet), and has features that include helipads, informal dining areas, hotel-like suites and state-of-the-art technology. Super yachts, meanwhile, span over 200 feet and come with all sorts of features.

The fastest yacht on the planet

Do you want to hear some facts about the fastest yacht in the world? Without further ado, here are some of the most interesting facts about the world’s fastest yacht:

  • Name and age: The title of the fastest super yacht on the planet goes to a boat called “The World is Not Enough.” Co-designed by John Rosatti of Mulder Designs and owned by John Staluppi, this super yacht was built in 2004 by Millennium Super yachts in the Netherlands. The owner of this impressive yacht is part owner of the shipyard.
  • Size and speed: “The World is Not Enough” is a luxurious 42-meter Millennium 140 with a top speed of close to 70 knots. Most super yachts of a similar size top out at speeds around 25 knots! Even though it’s a large boat, this yacht still holds the world record for the fastest modern day super yacht, recorded at a faster speed than smaller yachts, even though smaller yachts tend to move faster.
  • Fast and furnished: Many racing boats are stripped down to make them faster. This is not the case with this super yacht. As luxurious on the interior as on its exterior, you’ll find things like furnishings and an elaborate audio-visual entertainment system.
  • Design goal: “The World is Not Enough” has a unique design and engineering. Its lightweight aluminum structure creates an enhanced aerodynamic shape and offers extra stability while sailing at high speeds. This yacht has a dead-rise V-hull shape to cut through both calm and rough water conditions smoothly.
  • Built on a challenge: Staluppi, the owner of the yacht, began plans for a super yacht build after learning two other people wanted to own fast yachts. The original goal was to get a 39-meter boat up to 50 knots. This first creation was called “Octopussy.”

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