Why Buffing is a Crucial Part of Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Why Buffing is a Crucial Part of Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Many yacht owners assume that when it comes to maintaining their boats, something like polishing or buffing is simply cosmetic in nature. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however! While it’s true that these services do leave you sailing away with a particularly beautiful shine, they’re also needed to keep the exterior of your yacht in optimal condition. After all, when you think about it, the exterior of your yacht sees more abuse than just about any other facet when it comes to enjoying the open ocean.

When you skip clear coat services, polishing, painting or buffing, you’re doing more than just letting the exterior of your yacht suffer—you’re skipping out on crucial yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, needed to keep your boat in top quality working order.

Why buff?

Buffing in particular is paramount to keeping the exterior shell of your yacht in top condition. Buffing removes all of the built-up grime, debris and other particles that can eat away at your boat, ensuring that these deposits don’t have time to wreck havoc on your infrastructure. And, just like you might buff a car, buffing a yacht means restoring a protective layer to its façade.

Not all buffing services are the same, however. Just like you wouldn’t let an amateur buff your sports car, it’s important not to let just anyone buff your boat. The compound, the pad, the technique and buff speed all matter when it comes to getting the very finest finished product out of your boat, which means that this necessary service should always be provided by an established professional.

Getting the right buff

Getting the right buff starts with prep work. In order to buff a boat, a professional needs to make sure that your yacht is clear of any loose debris or buildups that may have accumulated on the shell. Hosing the boat down, first and foremost, often accomplishes this.

After the boat is dry, special adhesive removers and other chemicals are rubbed on problem areas, where the gel coat has started to lose its integrity. These chemicals ensure that there’s nothing for the buffing composite to snag on or fill in, ensuring a clean buff all the way around. This is also done to remove any old wax, paving the way for a new coat to be laid down.

Finally, the actual buffing procedure itself gets underway. Buffing is done in small sections, to ensure that every part of your yacht benefits from the process. The compound will serve to strip away any materials that are of risk to your boat and applying a polish after the fact will give it the shine you’ve been missing.

Remember, buffing shouldn’t be attempted unless you absolutely know what you’re getting into—many yacht owners have found themselves paying for costly remediation services from a DIY buffing gone awry. Unless you’re completely sure of your own capabilities, talk to the professionals at Starboard Yacht Group LLC today!