Why Your Stabilizer Can’t Wait Any Longer

Why Your Stabilizer Can’t Wait Any Longer

You wouldn’t eat a rib steak without a plate. You couldn’t use your computer without internet access. You can’t sleep in a beautiful new home without a bed. And you don’t yacht without a proper stabilizer.

For yacht owners today, upgrading is no longer a question of “if”—it’s a matter of “when.” And if you own a yacht that’s yet to be stabilized, the answer is“now.”

Every yacht needs to be stabilized to be enjoyed to its fullest. Staying stable means staying safe. Installations are quick, and financing options are available. Waiting simply isn’t worth it. 

1. There’s No Satisfaction Without Stabilization

Without stabilization—exhaustion and seasickness are inescapable. No one will be interested in accompanying you on your vessel if it cannot stay stable at sea. Whether you primarily use your yacht for fishing, water sports, voyages, or social functions—you won’t be satisfied without the right stabilizer onboard. Your vessel isn’t ready for its maiden voyage until it has been adequately stabilized. 

2. Your Safety Should Be Your Priority

Stabilization is not just a matter of comfort; it’s also a matter of safety and protection—for your vessel, its passengers, and its contents. When yachts rock, everything on board rocks. Stabilization effectively prevents the harmful accidents and costly damage that result from undesirable boat motion. No priority on your list should be higher.

3. It’ll Take No Time, so Wait No Time

Starboard Yacht Group can complete the complex installation process with little down time for your yacht. For smaller vessels, Seakeeper refits can be accomplished in as short as 48 hours. The average stabilizer installation takes your vessel out of service for less than two weeks. Stabilization won’t take less time tomorrow, but hesitating will cost you more time with your stabilizer.

4. The Longer You Wait, The Less You Get

Your stabilizer’s use is limited by your yacht’s life. Any delay of yacht upgrades further limits the time that owners have to experience the extraordinary results of their refits. Owners who wait ultimately pay a higher price for stabilization, not just in cost but also in enjoyment. Yachters need to upgrade their vessels as soon as possible to make the most of their investments.

5. Financing Possibilities Make Investing Possible

Owners interested in investing in major stabilizer refits don’t have to wait. Since stabilization significantly raises a yacht’s resale value, banks recognize such upgrades as quality investments. Lenders such as Seacoast Bank and Lightstream (a division of SunTrust Bank) finance stabilizer installations for anyone who qualifies. With simple loan options, fair rates, and quick access to funds, delaying the upgrade only costs yacht owners comfort, safety, and time.

If You Think It Can Wait, You Don’t Know What It Is

If you know the difference that Seakeeper and Humphree make, you know an immediate upgrade is essential for any yacht without a proper stabilizer. Seakeeper uses gyro stabilization technology to eliminate 95% of boat roll, turning unbearable water into a safe space that anyone can enjoy.

Thanks to low power draw, compact designs, and creative installation techniques, stability does not sacrifice speed, style, or space. In fact, it increases the resale value of your vessel.

If you own a yacht but don’t yet fully understand the mechanics or the impact of stabilization, read up on the technology, reach out to experts, and experience total stabilization for yourself. Yachters across the globe recognize that a yacht stabilizer is not just a luxury; it is a boat owner’s basic need.