Winter Ocean Temperatures and Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Winter Ocean Temperatures and Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Even though summer is currently in full swing, some boaters prefer the cooler weather when they’re looking to set sail. If you like the idea of getting out on the water all year round, you should make sure you know what to expect, and you should also take the appropriate precautions while you are boating or swimming in the ocean. Making sure your vessel is equipped with everything you need and ensuring it’s in good shape is the best approach to enjoying a safe time on the water.

The best way to keep your boat or yacht in good condition, no matter how often you use it, is by investing in professional yacht services in Fort Lauderdale to handle maintenance and upkeep. As long as your vessel is kept in good condition and you follow a few common-sense safety tips, you can have a great time, whether it’s a cool winter day or a sunny summer afternoon.

Temperatures of the ocean during the winter

Generally speaking, Florida maintains relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. These warm temperatures make swimming in the ocean comfortable during the summer, with water temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to the upper 80s. During the winter months, these temperatures go down and usually hover at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A comfortable water temperature for swimming is considered to be between 78 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s important to be aware of how to stay safe and enjoy yourself while you’re in the water.

Staying safe during winter boating

During the wintertime, you don’t have to put your maritime recreation on hold. You can still enjoy boating and even some recreation in the water during the winter months when the temperatures are a bit cooler. In order to stay safe on the water, though, it is essential that you and your passengers each have a life jacket that fits properly. Having life jackets keeps people safe, and they reduce the chance of exhaustion that can occur while swimming without any flotation devices. On days when the water temperature is low, you should also make sure that you are dressed in layers to keep you warm.

Even if you don’t plan on getting in the water while you’re out on your boat, there’s always a chance that you or someone else could get wet while you’re sailing. Prepare yourself by packing along some warm, dry clothes and a few towels and blankets. You can easily store these on your boat and keep them handy in case someone falls into the water while you’re sailing.

Yacht services in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re a summertime sailor or you enjoy taking your ship out on the water when the weather starts to cool down, every boat or yacht owner can benefit from professional yacht services in Fort Lauderdale. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we offer boat owners maintenance plans, project management, custodial services and more to meet their varying needs. We would be happy to help keep your ship in great shape—simply call us today for more information!