Your Boat Needs a Seakeeper Stabilizer

Your Boat Needs a Seakeeper Stabilizer

Anyone seeking quality in their fishing experience should insist on stabilizers for boats in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The reason boats need stabilizers will become quickly apparent when you compare your experiences before and after you purchase your Seakeeper stabilizer. Once limited only to large ocean-going vessels, stabilizers are now available for all yacht sizes. Here is an explanation on how they work and why you should install one today.

How they work

The first gyro stabilizers were invented in the late 1860s. Unfortunately, their cost and weight were prohibitive, even for military vessels. Boats used external fin stabilizers with more success, but these systems were not practical for sport anglers. The resources at the time did not make gyro stabilizers possible for private yacht owners.

Now, the technology has evolved, and gyro stabilizers are a practical solution. They operate using a spinning flywheel at high revolutions to create stabilizing energy. This prevents boat rolling, and stabilizing power is determined by weight, diameter and rotations per minute of the flywheel. Depending on the size of your yacht and water conditions, the stabilizer adjusts to create the most energy needed to control rolling.

Seakeeper is the fastest growing brand for gyro stabilizers. It has been a major market leader for the last 10 years and offers models for every size of boat designed for sport fishing. The company has also become an expert in retrofitting gyro stabilizers for boats that originally were not manufactured with one.


Unlike external fins, a gyro stabilizer is not at risk of catching your fishing line. It is normally installed beneath the deck, and that expands the area of your boat where you and your guests can stand and fish.

If you ever fished in rough waters where you had to reel in a catch while being thrown about, you will definitely appreciate what the Seakeeper stabilizers offer. A 66-foot boat will roll and snap even in calmer waters. This can be easily ignored on a simple cruise, but fishing, especially when you are pursuing larger game, demands more. Once you activate a gyro stabilizer, the whole boat tightens up. There is little in the way of yaw or roll, and reduced movement will also encourage fish to come closer and become easier to catch.

Anyone trying to sell a boat finds it difficult to make a sale without installing an anti-roll gyro stabilizer. If you are ordering a new boat, install the unit before taking it out on the water—the extra cost is worth it. However, if your current boat does not have one, it is not too late. Make an appointment to install one and your boat will have a better resale value. You will also enjoy your water outings much more.

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