Common Questions Regarding Yacht Management in Fort Lauderdale During Hurricane Season

Common Questions Regarding Yacht Management in Fort Lauderdale During Hurricane Season

Every year during hurricane season in Florida, the same questions arise regarding proper yacht management in Fort Lauderdale. How should you manage your boat to remain proactive in the midst of an oncoming storm? What steps should be taken to prevent yacht damages during the event of high winds? It’s these questions and more that we’ll help you to answer below:

When should I remove my boat from the water in the event of a storm?

The best course of action is always the earliest one, which is why it’s a good idea to remove your boat as a tropical depression becomes a fledgling tropical storm. Another good benchmark is to remove your yacht when the storm is roughly 1000 miles away and landfall is expected. A good practice in yacht management in Fort Lauderdale is to adhere to contract agreements put down by private clubs in regards to their slips and to consult with seasoned mariners about when they’ll be removing their boats from the water.

What’s better: a dry dock or an inland slip?

When it comes to storing your boat in the event of a storm, it matters where you’re housing it more than how you’re housing it. Dry dock storage that’s directly in the path of a storm, as opposed to an inland slip that’s out of the direct path may not serve you any differently. What truly matters is that your boat is safe and secure against both the storm and any vandalism or trespassing.

If I dock in a marina, do I still need hurricane insurance?

Absolutely! Most marinas do not offer hurricane insurance and any damage that is incurred by leaving your yacht docked during a storm is left up to you to deal with. Carrying individual hurricane insurance is the mark of good yacht management in Fort Lauderdale—even if you’re a seasonal yachter who resides elsewhere in the United States.

Should I document my boat before hurricane season, in case of damages?

This is a great idea regardless of the season—but especially during hurricane season, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have documentation and copies of your boat’s condition and accessories ready, just in case. If you have to submit an insurance claim for hurricane-induced damages, being able to provide records of any damages, lost belongings or other imperative items will help you to quickly navigate the insurance process.

What do I do if someone else manages my yacht?

If you enlist yacht services to care for your boat while you’re not using it, make sure that you connect with this service to go over any emergency plans, provide contact information and reach a thorough understanding of what steps are being taken during hurricane season. Being on the same page as your management company will give you peace of mind that your boat is in good hands while you’re away.