Finding the Best Yacht Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

Finding the Best Yacht Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’ve owned your yacht for years or recently purchased an older model, yacht restoration may be something worth considering. Your boat may be seaworthy, but updating the systems to current standards may take anything from a few aesthetic elements to a comprehensive overhaul. Not sure what’s worth fixing and what can last? Ask an expert for help going through the different levels of your yacht.

Surface detailing

Sometimes your Fort Lauderdale restoration effort just needs a little sprucing up! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into professional services to ensure a quality job. The most obvious area to consider is the portion of the boat that is constantly and consistently in the water. This area should be treated regularly so that your yacht lasts for years to come, and prevents the need for full exterior replacement.

But, be sure not to neglect the other areas of your yacht that may need additional upkeep. While the wear and tear may not seem significant over the slow course of time, you’ll notice the difference once you’ve seen the result of a professional clean. Also, don’t neglect the interior spaces of your yacht that still receive additional foot traffic – their restoration and continued upkeep will serve you for entertaining and quiet enjoyment in the long run.


Just like a home, your yacht’s electrical upkeep requires consistent upkeep and, depending on the age of your yacht, may need some rewiring. Particularly in the case of updated requirements and standards, you may need to speak with an expert to be certain that your yacht is meeting the minimum standards. These can change as often as every year, so an annual consultation may be worth your while.

If you’ve recently purchased an older yacht, an inspection of your electrical system should be one of the first actions you take for your yacht restoration in Fort Lauderdale. Even if the wiring layout is up to current standards, their continued use over time may have worn some of the circuits. Also, the wear from remote use and irregular, seasonal fluctuations may have caused some of the circuits to become frayed or damaged. These areas require special attention, and you don’t want to have to address them after taking your yacht out on the water.

Water and Pipes

Because your boat is not only on the water but interacting with it, your water systems need to be up to date and completely functional. This means taking into consideration the directional fluctuation of your pipes and how they interact with the rest of your yacht’s systems and if there are any worn areas that need repair.

To get the most of your Fort Lauderdale Yacht restoration, choose a company to inspect and update your yacht that has experience with all of these areas. Not only will they be able to tell you how their performance meets standards individually, but also the level of efficiency with which they interact with each other and function. You want your full system to be working as effectively as possible so that your restored yacht lasts.