How to De-Winterize Your Boat for Springtime Fun

How to De-Winterize Your Boat for Springtime Fun

Unless you utilize your yacht all year long, you can’t just dock it and forget about it at the end of summer. Instead, there’s quite a bit of winterizing that needs to be done to prevent issues while your boat sits unused.

Similarly, you can’t just hop on board when springtime rolls around without first doing some de-winterizing. Because the list is a bit lengthy, we put together this helpful post for de-winterizing your boat in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Continue reading to keep your boat in great condition and prevent midseason troubles with your vessel:

  • Check the battery: A lack of use throughout the winter can take a big toll on your boat’s battery. The first thing you’ll want to do is check it with a tester to ensure it’s good to go for the season. Additionally, you can use a wire brush to scrub dirt and rust off the charge posts.
  • Test the electronics: Even if the battery passes its tests with flying colors and you clean off the corrosion from the terminals, you’ll still need to go around and check all the electrical components. In addition to the knobs and switches on the helm and cabin, make sure the automatic bilge pump is working correctly.
  • Change the oil: Changing the oil before docking your boat for the winter is always a good idea, but if you didn’t do it then, add it to the list for de-winterizing your boat in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Now is also a good time to check all other fluid levels to ensure they’re topped off.
  • Fill the cooling system: Speaking of fluid levels, filling the cooling system is a must. Be sure to drain the existing coolant before refilling it for the new season. Talk to your boat mechanic about the right coolant to use for your vessel.
  • Inspect the fuel lines: The gas tank and fuel lines may collect rust or other debris during the winter. To prepare your boat for spring in Fort Lauderdale, FL, be sure to inspect the lines for any nasty buildup and ensure there’s no moisture in them.
  • Check the belts: Belts in the engine or motor tend to wear down over time, even if the boat is unused during the winter. Perform a visual inspection of all the belts, checking for tears or cracks.
  • Prepare your safety gear: Last but not least, ensure you have all the necessary safety gear before you hit the water. In addition to having life jackets and flotation devices on hand, make sure your fire extinguishers aren’t out of date and all signaling equipment is in working order. This is a quick check that can save lives in an emergency!

Get help de-winterizing your boat

Regardless of its size, de-winterizing your yacht is no small task. So instead of going through all that trouble, just hire our team at Starboard Yacht, LLC. We’ll ensure your boat is ready to hit the water while you kick back and relax! Schedule an appointment today to prepare your boat for spring in Fort Lauderdale, FL.