How to Prep and Protect Your Yacht for Periods of Disuse

How to Prep and Protect Your Yacht for Periods of Disuse

While you might have spent the summer months cruising around the coastline or voyaging to nearby destinations on your yacht, there comes a time each year when you’re faced with the prospect of getting your vessel out of the water and prepping it for storage. And while seasoned yachters will be familiar with the intricate process of prepping every aspect of their boats for safe storage, newcomers to the yachting world might not be so familiar with what’s required of them.

Perhaps the most overlooked facet of proper yacht storage is the actual storage of the vessel itself. Most people realize that their yacht needs to be cleaned, winterized and similarly serviced before heading into storage, but all this hard work can be for nothing if you simply throw a tarp over your boat and shove it in a garage during offseason.

So, after your boat is spic and span and ready to be stowed, what do you need to do to make sure it’s kept that way until the next use? Here are some essential tips that will give you peace of mind when you close the door on your boat for the season:

  • Dry storage is invariably the way to go for most yacht owners and comes highly recommended by most Ft. Lauderdale yacht management companies. Dry storage ensures many things, including protection from the elements, preservation of clear coat and detailing, enhanced security and the opportunity for offseason repairs and maintenance, if necessary. Dry docking your boat over periods of disuse is a smart investment, period.
  • Interior cleaning and upholstery services are essential before the cover goes over your yacht and it goes into storage. Bacteria that have taken root in your upholstery or lingering moisture can erupt into mold, mildew and other fungi, which will fester over the storage months and leave you with a major health hazard when you finally draw back the cover.
  • Don’t just throw any old cover over your boat or expect a ratty tarp to protect it while in storage. Make an investment in a boat cover that’s non-abrasive to prevent blemishes to your yacht’s façade, while also being sure to choose one that’s snug but still loose enough to prevent trapped bacteria from colonizing in the interior of your boat. If you can, invest in a fitted cover that’s specific to your yacht for optimal results!

When you consider the hefty investment you made in your boat, it only makes sense to protect it at all times—especially those times when you’re not using it. One of the key components of Ft. Lauderdale yacht management is proper storage and if you start with the tips listed above, you’ll make better headway in keeping your yacht in the best condition possible throughout the offseason.

If you need more advice or would like a professional to facilitate the proper storage of your yacht for you, contact the Ft. Lauderdale yacht management professionals at Starboard Yacht Group LLC!