Interested in Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale? Don’t Miss Florida’s Boat Shows!

Interested in Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale? Don’t Miss Florida’s Boat Shows!

Are you considering purchasing a yacht? Do you already own one? Either way, you can learn more about how to make the most of your time out on the water by attending one of Florida’s regular boat shows.

If you’re interested in yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, it’s definitely worth your while to learn more about why attending a boat show is beneficial and enjoyable!

Shop for your next boat

Boat shows in Florida are an excellent place to see new or new-to-you boat models. Much like at a car dealership, you can get a close-up look at any boat you may be considering and talk to a company representative to help determine the one that would best serve you and your needs.

Check out boating accessories

Need supplies or accessories for your boat? A boat show brings multiple vendors together in one space, allowing you to comparison shop and figure out which of the latest items available for purchase might enhance your boating experience.

From engines to electronics to clothing and more, a boat show is a veritable marketplace for all things boat related.

Learn something new

Eager to become a more experienced and informed boat owner? Many boat shows offer seminars to help fine-tune your knowledge, whether you’re new to boating or an experienced veteran. You’re also likely to find informative displays featuring how-to tips and other advice related to maximizing your boating experience as you explore the show.

In addition, viewing so many of the boats on display at a boat show is an exciting and educational experience for true enthusiasts as well as for those new to the hobby.

Enjoy food and entertainment

After gathering information, shopping for new products and enhancing your knowledge, you might find yourself wanting a bit of downtime. (That’s not a bad idea, as many of Florida’s boat shows can be quite large!) Relaxation isn’t too far away at many boat shows, which often feature musical performances and delicious food options. Save some time to sit back and sample various cuisine or drinks from a special dining area, food or beverage tent or food truck.

You might even have the chance for some fun and games. One popular example is the fishing simulator that visitors can try out at the annual Fort Myers Boat Show in November 2017. Attendees can take a turn virtually fishing for fish of all types.

Getting excited to attend a boat show in Florida in the coming months? Keep your eyes and ears open for news about upcoming events! You can also visit websites like, and for more information about specific upcoming shows.

After attending a boat show, if you realize you have questions about yacht services in Fort Lauderdale or need specific maintenance, Starboard Yacht Group LLC is here to help! Through our yacht maintenance, management, restoration and scheduled service programs, we have a deep understanding of boat mechanics to properly and thoroughly service your yacht from top to bottom and every subsystem in between.

Call us today—we look forward to helping you make sure that your time out on the water is as enjoyable and safe as possible.