Invest in Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale Before You Hit The Water After Winter

Invest in Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale Before You Hit The Water After Winter

If you’re like thousands of other yachters around the country, then Florida isn’t your year round home—in fact, you’re probably taking up residence in a big city, in a western commerce hub or somewhere that just isn’t ideal for yachting year round. So, when it does come time to haul your yacht back down to the water from wherever your home may be during the winter months, it’s important to think about yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale first.

Hitting the water with a dirty yacht can do more than just leave you looking embarrassed—it can take a significant toll on your yacht’s infrastructure, causing irreparable damage that’s going to be extremely costly to have repaired down the line.

Transportation woes

Let’s say that you’re a yacht owner located in suburban New York. While you may love your city and its surrounding waters, your true love may be the serene coastline of Florida. And while your yacht resides in storage near the Big Apple, you’ll need to get it from NYC to Fort Lauderdale somehow, right? You guessed it: road trip.

A road trip for a yacht isn’t like a road trip for a trailer or other pull-behind. In fact, depending on the size of your yacht, you may even have to hire a company to haul it around for you! Either way, when your yacht makes the trip, it’s going to experience some highway debris, which can take a toll on its exterior. Investing in yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale after the journey will help to remove all of the material that may have affected your yacht on the journey back to Fort Lauderdale, giving you a pristine boat and a sense of confidence when you sail away.

Accumulated grime

Even if you’re the type of boat owner who leaves your yacht in capable hands while you’re out of town, it can still succumb to particle buildups during the months when you’re not using it. Lack of human presence in the cabin or on deck, as well as air particles building up on the exterior of the yacht, can leave it looking a little worse for the wear come yachting season again.

Having your boat cleaned and serviced by industry professionals does wonders to the look and composure of your yacht—not to mention it saves you countless hours when it comes to trying to clean everything yourself! And, while you may be extra careful to scrub your deck and clean your upholstery, there’s simply no match for a professional touch.

Docking fresh

Yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale also opens the door for other maintenance services that may be a little overdue or unseen until that point. If you bring your yacht in for a simple cleaning and service professionals realize that you’re in need of a new clear coat, it’s beneficial to you to have that done in a timely manner—something you may not have known about if you skipped the cleaning.

Remember, owning a yacht means paying attention to it, in all of its facets. Even something like a simple cleaning before taking it out on the water after months of being docked can benefit your investment in a huge way.