Protecting Your Yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL During Hurricane Season

Protecting Your Yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL During Hurricane Season

It’s that time of year again: hurricane season in the American Southeast! If you’ve been a yacht owner for some time now, you’re probably aware of just what can happen if proper precautions are not taken to ensure the safety of your boat when the weather turns ugly. From a few simple dents and dings that a heavy storm can cause, to the full and complete destruction of your boat by a fully-fledged hurricane, it’s better to have a plan in place to protect your boat, as opposed to rolling the proverbial dice.

Proper planning starts now

Much like you’d prepare your home for an oncoming storm, it’s essential to apply this thinking to your yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Having an action plan in place will help you to beat the weather before it strikes and give you peace of mind that your hefty investment is under the best protective measures possible.

It all starts by paying attention to the weather. Florida residents in general should keep an eye on the news at all times, but yacht owners especially need to always consider the location of a storm that’s on the radar. Keeping up to date on a developing storm can help you to remain ahead of the game when it comes to preventively docking your yacht in a protective space.

Putting your plan into action

Speaking of a protective space: this location should be established before a storm even develops. Part of being a responsible yacht owner means having alternative situations mapped out so that if the situation should arise, you’re not scrambling last minute to find shelter for your boat.

Have a space already secured for your boat when the time comes to move it away from the shore—this can include an inland dry dock, trailering venue or an inlet or bay that’s out of the path of the storm. Make sure the location is secure and not prone to vandalism or theft.

Finally, you should always have an alternate who is ready to carry out your plan for you, in the event that you’re not able to. If you’re not in the state or are indisposed when the time for action comes along, it should be as easy as calling your alternate to make arrangements for you.

Beat the rush

It must be remembered that sometimes, the storm isn’t the biggest factor you’ll have to deal with when prepping. Make sure you allocate yourself enough time to secure your boat before other yacht owners rush in to do the same thing. It’s also advisable to put your plan into action before waterways are closed, drawbridges are stopped and marinas close their doors.

Being alert, proactive and smart about protecting your yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL are the best traits that you can exhibit during hurricane season. By creating a plan, sticking to that plan and making sure you’ve accounted for all variables, you’ll be able to achieve peace of mind regarding the integrity of your boat and focus more on what matters most: the safety of your family and your home.