Secrets and Tips for Buying and Selling Your Boat

Secrets and Tips for Buying and Selling Your Boat

Boat dealers in Fort Lauderdale are among the savviest entrepreneurs in the business: always looking for ways to save money, cut costs and beat deadlines. In many cases this could be a good business model, but when it comes to an investment as pricey as a yacht, cutting corners isn’t the best idea. In fact, unless you’re dealing with a well-rounded company for your boating needs, it’s likely that you’re in for a struggle when it comes to buying or selling a yacht.

Consider something as simple as having your boat cleaned and detailed. Dry dock services are something that every yacht care provider should be versed in. But, there’s a difference between knowing how to approach a job and having the expertise to approach it from all angles. Anyone with space can undertake dry dock services, but you’re left to wonder if they’re using the right equipment, following the right procedure or even trusting certified individuals.

Having a company like Starboard Yacht Group LLC makes all the difference when caring for your boat. Where another company might neglect your services to the point of actually depreciating the value of your yacht, Starboard’s mission is to actually add value to your vessel. This means keeping it in tip top working order. When it comes time to sell your yacht, you’ll know the quality of our services by the price you’re able to ask from a buyer. Likewise, as a buyer, you’ll know you’re getting a quality vessel for the price your paying after taking a look at the work history of the yacht and seeing Starboard’s name on the invoices.

Yacht sales in Fort Lauderdale are wholly determined by the condition of the vessel. No one is going to pay top dollar for a craft that hasn’t been properly maintained or kept up. Keeping track of the little things could mean the difference between a huge sale and a concession in price. For example, while the outside of your yacht might shine brighter than any other boat in the harbor, if the upholstery inside is tattered and torn, you’re going to suffer as a seller.

Little things, like having your upholstery redone by Starboard Yacht Group LLC before approaching a prospective buyer, can change the entire conversation of a sale. As a buyer, these are the things to look for before signing the final paperwork: namely, how much money am I going to have to invest after the fact?

Finally, it’s always good to remember the sheer amount of boats for sale in Fort Lauderdale. While you might have your eyes on a fancy yacht that’s a little out of your price range, another one that’s well within your grasp might be right around the corner. Shopping around is never a bad thing to do, especially if you’re teetering on the edge of uncertainty. Consider stopping by local yacht servicing companies, like Starboard, to catch wind of yachts that might not have hit the market yet. Getting the inside scoop on a boat that’s not on the market yet could save you big bucks or at the very least, give you an opportunity to approach the seller.