The Changing Season: Boats Coming Down To South Florida From Up North

The Changing Season: Boats Coming Down To South Florida From Up North

When winter reigns in and the temperatures start to drop in the northern hemisphere, people naturally start to move to warmer locations. Those who live year round in the northern part of the United States tend to take vacations or visit friends in warmer climates, while likewise, people who live in the southern part of the states tend to accommodate these flocking visitors as the seasons start to change. People travel for a variety of reasons: seeking warmer weather, travelling for business or maybe even travelling for a hobby. If their hobby is boating, then someone living up north is sure to pay a visit to places like Fort Lauderdale, FL where the water is perfect for raising anchors and casting off.

If you’re a boater coming down to South Florida to enjoy some sun and surf, there are a few things that you should remember before setting sail. First and foremost, especially if you’re a regular boater in northern waters, is to have your boat professionally cleaned before you hit the water in Florida. The main reason for this has to do with cross contamination between water sources. There are key differences between bodies of water throughout the states and mixing different variables of these waters can have disastrous consequences on the ecosystem. There have been many different instances where bacteria or even something as simple as algae has clung onto the bottom of the boat, making a home for itself far away from where it once resided. This doesn’t bode well for other plants and animals already living there, especially if the intruding organism is hostile.

Having your boat professionally cleaned by Starboard Yacht Group in Fort Lauderdale, FL also solves another issue that seasonal boaters are likely to have: wear and tear. Hauling your boat from north to south and back up north again can be a hassle, but worse yet, can expose your boat to the elements even more so than usual. Having your vessel cleaned and refinished can bring about a sense of protection, not to mention a brand new shine that you probably wouldn’t mind showing off when you hit the water.

One final thing to remember as a seasonal boater is to make sure that your boat is up to the conditions. For example, a boat that’s never been in a salt water environment may need a special protective coating, while a boat that’s been in storage for a while may be susceptible to the constant rays of sun that South Florida has to offer. Assessing the situation of your boat before setting sail is a good idea unless you want to experience some unexpected consequences that the sun and surf might have on it.

To make sure that you’re vessel is seafaring and ready for a relaxing day on the water, check in with Starboard Yacht Group. You’ll find an expert team that’s ready to check your boat from top to bottom and everywhere in between. Better yet, in the event that there’s something that needs to be looked at closer or serviced before you can set sail, you’ll have no problem getting it fixed quickly at Starboard Yacht Group.