Using Proper Products for Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Using Proper Products for Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

The importance of cleaning your yacht thoroughly and properly cannot be understated. A yacht, like anything of its size and price, is an investment in and of itself, which means taking care of it should be at the top of every owner’s priority list. But, far and above just cleaning a yacht, owners should remember that proper yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale must always be taken into consideration. Using inferior products or choosing products that aren’t suited to clean a yacht can have tremendously negative effects on your boat, leaving it worse off for the long haul.

Interior cleaning

Cleaning the interior of your yacht may seem like the simplest form of cleaning, however it’s actually one of the more complicated procedures you’ll undertake. Upholstery must be treated with extreme care so that it’s not damaged in the cleaning process and using cleaning products that are harsh or unsuited to clean sensitive materials can result in damage to your upholstery—damage that’s not easily reversed or replaced without shelling out huge amounts of money.

Always clean your upholstery with a neutral cleaner whenever possible and make use of organic cleaners if they’re available to you. Choosing these types of products will ensure that whatever material your upholstery may be, it’s not damaged or contaminated by harsh cleaning chemicals. If you’re unsure of what constitutes a neutral cleaner or which products are best suited to treat your yacht’s interior, consult a professional at Starboard Yacht Group LLC for expert information or comprehensive service options.

Exterior cleaning

The outside of your boat suffers more wear and tear than you can even conceive. From water damage to the hull, to weather damage that can affect even the sturdiest parts of your boat, nature takes a toll that’s not easily reversed when it comes to yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. In many cases, the only true way to address the deep cleaning needs of your boat is to undertake dry dock services.

There’s a good chance that you don’t have access to the materials and equipment needed to perform dry dock services, so entrusting your boat to a professional service becomes a necessity to get the best exterior clean possible. Professionals at Starboard yacht Group LLC will be able to offer you not only comprehensive dry dock procedures, but also products that are highly effective, yet safe for your yacht.

It’s important that when you’re thinking about cleaning the exterior of your yacht—at least the parts you’re able to access—that you use products that have a mid-range PH level—rather than acids or bases. Acids will do more damage to your boat and potentially begin to strip paint when they’re used too frequently. Bases, conversely, will serve to create environmental hazards when used in excess and can also create damages to your yacht’s exterior.

It’s always best to choose products that are recommended by a professional service that understands the magnitude and impact of these certain cleaning items. Instead of blindly picking from cleaning products that may have adverse effects on your boat, stick to the products that are tried and true by fellow yacht owners or professional services like Starboard Yacht Group LLC.