Yachting Capital of the World Hosts International Boat Show

Yachting Capital of the World Hosts International Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale, the unofficial yachting capital of the world, will host the 54th Fort Lauderdale International Boat show this fall, from October 31st through November 4th, 2013. Even with tough weather in 2012, the show was a blast, so get your yacht ready and sail on over at the end of this year.

The event is one of Fort Lauderdale’s largest, covering over 3 million square feet of space. Locals and people from across the world bump elbows to see lively entertainment and some of the best boats in the industry.

While the event holds something for everyone, including fishing demonstrations for kids and dive shows, yachters in particular can see and be seen in over six locations on the waterway transport network that connects them.

Don’t own a boat? That’s just fine, because every year several yachts are brokered by first-time yacht owners, giving you the opportunity to make your dream of owning a boat a reality. What’s more, you’ll find plenty of yacht management companies in Fort Lauderdale nearby to ensure that if you do decide to purchase a vessel, you’ll easily be able to have it checked out and serviced right away.

To make enjoying the event as easy as possible, yacht management companies in Fort Lauderdale, such as Starboard Yacht Group LLC, provide numerous services to ensure a comfortable and fun stay in Southern Florida: we’re the premier provider of management, engineering, and yachting services!

Some of our crucial services include yacht painting and detailing, to make sure that the 100,000 expected guests at this year’s event see your yacht in brand new condition, glistening under Fort Lauderdale’s bright sun. This includes real attention to detail: upholstery, windows, and every inch of paint—nothing will be overlooked. Avoid the headaches of finding docking accommodations and refueling by allowing Starboard to provide you with premium concierge and yacht fueling services.

With 24/7 dockside emergency, you won’t be stranded in Fort Lauderdale any longer than you had planned on if your yacht decides to give you trouble. Starboard Yacht Group LLC can save the day with the best yacht mechanics in Fort Lauderdale, in addition to yacht hauling and engineering capabilities. We’re happy to locate hard to find parts and will have you back on the water in no time at all.

If you choose to leave Fort Lauderdale and aren’t going to be bringing your boat with you, you can also enjoy the ease of having a professional captain and crew on hand to ensure that your investment is taken care of by the best possible people in your absence.

Whether you’re enjoying the hustle and bustle on land during the world’s greatest yacht show, or on the beautiful waters near South Florida, hiring a professional yacht management company in Fort Lauderdale is the best way to get the most out of your time and your yacht. Let Starboard Yacht Group LLC take the stress out of yacht ownership, maintenance and detailing, giving you the freedom to enjoy the Yachting Capital of the World at the 54th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.