Why Dry Dock Services are so Important for Your Boat

Why Dry Dock Services are so Important for Your Boat

Keeping your yacht in pristine condition should be one of your top priorities as a yacht owner. Whether it’s the upholstery, yacht body or the components that make your yacht run, routine maintenance and occasional yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale are necessary. And, an important aspect of maintaining your yacht’s functionality and beauty is dry docking services. Having your yacht put on a dry dock once in a while is necessary for proper maintenance and repair. Just like a car needs to get lifted off the ground from time to time, so do yachts.

Out of the water, on to the dock

It goes without saying that much of your yacht’s body is submerged below water. But, just because a yacht is designed to be in the water, doesn’t mean that that water doesn’t take a toll on the boat’s condition. Everything from sitting in the water, to storms and driving at faster speeds, slowly deteriorate the condition of the boat’s body.

Dry docking allows for many of the services and routine yacht repairs in Fort Lauderdale that keep your boat’s body in good shape. For example, much of the fiberglass and gel coat repairs your boat will eventually need take place outside of the water on a dry dock, since the most damaged areas are below the waterline. The same goes for underbody paint work. Not keeping up on paint, fiberglass, or the gel coat will reduce the lifespan of your yacht significantly, so utilizing dry dock services for these things is a must.

A very common problem that develops below the waterline is blistering. Yacht body blisters occur for all sorts of reasons and if ignored, can cause much larger problems. Many owners ignore them until it is too late, which is unfortunate because they are easy and pretty inexpensive to repair. The best way for finding blisters and repairing them is to have an inspection done while your yacht is dry docked in Fort Lauderdale. Experts can find and repair them in almost no time at all, so it’s well worth it.

Mechanical perfection

The condition of your yacht’s body is one thing, but how well it runs is something else altogether. Much of the important maintenance and yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale on critical aspects of your yacht’s drivetrain need to occur outside of the water, this includes everything from the engine, electronics, plumbing and underwater gears. All of these components need to be inspected and worked on fairly often, yet this can only happen if your boat is in a dry dock. Ignoring routine maintenance means serious problems later on, at a much higher cost as well, so once again if you want your boat to last, get accustomed to occasional dry-docking.

If you already own a yacht or are considering getting one, then take the above advice to ensure your boat is built to last. If you aren’t sold yet, then consider talking to a professional about just why it’s so important to dry dock your boat for routine maintenance and repairs.