Summer Is The Prime Time For Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Summer Is The Prime Time For Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Summer is more than just the perfect time to take your yacht out and coast around in style—it’s also the time to ensure that your boat is up to standard when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Because the hot summer weather takes such a toll on your boat’s vital systems, it’s crucial that proper care and attention are given to each and every aspect of this expensive investment. In reality, when most people think that the summer sun is simply fading their exterior paint job, it’s actually affecting some of the most important parts of your boat!

Paint and Clear Coat

Direct sunlight is notorious when it comes to fading paint and decals. As a way of combating these effects, many service companies include a thorough application of UV wax when it comes to yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale. A proper application of wax protects a boat from sun damage, enhances the clear coat and can add that extra shine to your hull, causing it to sparkle instead of fade.

Underside and Hull

Any yacht owner is sure to realize right away that the underside of a vessel is among the most crucial parts to maintain. While simply cleaning your yacht and scheduling it for dry dock services is a great way to keep the underside and hull pristine, having it inspected and treated for barnacle buildup is a way to go the extra mile in regards to yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale. Barnacle buildup is more prevalent during warmer temperatures, so addressing this issue specifically is always a good idea in the summer months.

Raw Water Systems

Your valves, hoses, pumps and even your toilet are all considered raw water systems and these components are more at risk than you may realize during the summer months. Warmer water temperatures can cause issues to arise when these systems function in higher capacities. It’s important to ensure that each of these components is functioning at the level of quality that it should be and there are no unforeseen variables that can lead to a compromised breakdown.

Air Conditioning

Let’s face it: sometimes the sea breeze just doesn’t cut it when it comes to cooling you off on a hot day. When you’re below deck, you want the air conditioning in your yacht to be functioning properly or you’re bound to develop a temper! When you’re planning for yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to include an AC inspection as well or you could find yourself with a yacht that’s as hot as the summer sun! The last thing you want to be doing is entertaining on your yacht without a cool fallback below deck.

When it comes to yacht maintenance during the strenuous summer months, don’t neglect the integrity of your yacht—especially the vital systems that make for an enjoyable sailing experience. Entrusting your vessel to a service company like Starboard Yacht Group LLC will do more than just give you peace of mind that it will function correctly—with experienced staff and the use of environmentally friendly products to break down marine growth and help avoid damage, you’ll be sure to have smooth sailing!